What is Ad Posting Work ?

In this work you will be getting titles and descriptions from the company. You just need to copy paste all those content in the website given by the company. The more posting of ad you do the more money yo get. In this work no any paper work, no outdoor marketing no for real contact between you and customers and no need to meet any office. You can work full time/part time at any place or any time.

The interested part like how our ad posting work is for better than rest of the ad posting work on internet:

In this we provide 100% Geninue ad posting work, payments are much higher ,flexibility of the job is very easy.You can do this work easily from any where just having online facility from home, office internet ,café etc. To do this work just take one registration plan you like and can start work with the company. Ad matter & websites provided by the company  which will you get through us and post them to different free classified sites. We will transfer your payment online to your bank account or in Paytm also Weekely (Every Wednesday).


 (1)What is Ad Posting work?
In this work we will provide you ad matter and list of sites and city name in which you have to post  ( Just copy paste).

(2) Is there any work hours?
No, you can work any of your convenient time & place.

(3) What are the basic requirements to Get started in this Ad Posting work?
To get started you should have the basic knowledge of Internet Surfing, you should have internet connection, PC or else you can also work from cyber cafe. This work is available world wide & you can work from any place, any time.

(4) From where will I get the Ad Matter & List of Classifieds websites ?
After getting registered with us, once your account is activated, after we will give all add posting work details send it to through your registered mail id.

(5) Is it compulsory to do Ad Postings for all website given in the Mail?
No, it is not compulsory.

(6 ) Is there any time limit for each Ad posting & what will be the daily & weekly work load to get paid?
Yes,There is limit for Ad posting, you can work whenever you want in your working hours, no restrictions. There is daily posting limit details below .

(7) Do you provide me any instructions on how to perform the work?
Yes we will provide you a step by step instructions file with work on your mail.

(8) After getting registered how I’m going to get my work?
On getting  Registered, within 12 hours we will give working files to your registered mail.


Registration fee –     750/-
No. of ad per day –     50-100 Ads
Payments per Ad –     Rs. 3 Per Ad
Payments  –     Weekly Basis
Total Earnings –      Unlimited (Depends on work)


Registration fee –     950/-
No. of ad per day –     50-150 Ads
Payments per Ad –     Rs. 4 Per Ad
Payments  –     Weekly Basis
Total Earnings  –     Unlimited (Depends on work)


Per day  50-150 ads only allowed, Per week 1100 ads only allowed

 Minimum withdrawal amount for add posting work Rs 500/-

All must submit your work file report link every week  Tuesday only, otherwise not accepted.